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What we do

We understand that delivering high volume builds efficiently has a huge impact on housing affordability.  Our strength is delivering quality projects efficiently. This means our homes are affordable.

We pride ourselves on our productivity and efficiency and we drive our projects from design and consent through to completion and Code of Compliance. We believe the key to an efficient building programme is organisation and relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.

With years of experience in high-volume residential building, we are highly proficient at managing project build schedules. We are a tight and productive team with very little internal bureaucracy but strong process and leadership which allows us to move efficiently.

We consistently have a number of houses at different stages of the build process and we are able to consistently move efficiently because we work with suppliers and contractors who have been working in the industry for years. Together we are able to flex and move together to support the timelines of the build process. We also have excellent relationships with council and inspectors to support this process.


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