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Complete Residential is a locally owned and operated company headed by brother and sister team Greg and Jo Ninkie. At Complete Residential, we are all about delivering high-quality, affordable homes for New Zealanders. You’ll see us on-site and hands-on; our passion is creating an environment you’ll love to live in now, and in the future. We have young families, so we understand what’s important to you when choosing your new place to call home. Our down-to-earth approach means we offer something different - we’ll personally be right by your side through every step of the process - concept, design, and build is handled by our close-knit team right up until you move into your brand-new home. Our homes are carefully thought out and designed to provide a comfortable, practical and functional place to live.





We work with reliable and trusted partners who have similar values to our own. From relationships with staff to supplier and subcontractor relationships, we value trust and we are trustworthy. Trust in our relationships is key to delivering positive outcomes for individuals and businesses.​



​We value the expertise of our clients, staff and partners. We value learning together throughout the journey to increase and diversify our expertise.​



We want everyone to feel safe coming to work. We values conversations about safety in all areas of the business. Our practices are robust and we understand that safety is a daily conversation and an ongoing mission for everyone.​



We pride ourselves on our ability to be efficient throughout the build process. Our processes are tried and tested and we have strong problem solving skills to allow us to work through challenges whilst still being efficient.​Waste minimisation​We understand the impact that the work we do has on the environment. We work hard to reduce that impact where possible.

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